Our Story

Mr. Daley started his career in 1966 with IBM as a Marketing Representative selling midrange and mainframe systems to upgrade accounts in Los Angeles, California. After leaving IBM, I worked for over four years with ITEL Corporation releasing large IBM mainframe systems and peripherals until 1975. I then started Saddleback Marketing with another former ITEL salesman and we acted as an independent computer broker and lessor for IBM and PCM equipment until May 1980. At that time, I started Daley Marketing Corporation as a computer broker and lessor operation, and then in 1985, stopped all brokering and leasing activities and dedicated the company to publishing fair market values and other related information about the computer industry. I started publishing residual values for the computer industry in 1987.

In January 2001 Mr. Daley acquired Computer Economics (CEI), merged DMC into CEI and in April 2005 sold CEI to an IT Management Company and created a new company, DMC Valuations Group, that focuses on the appraisal business for machinery and equipment. Mr. Daley also forecasts residual values for various lessors on IT equipment, medical equipment, forklifts, machine tools, and to test equipment.

Mr. Daley has been valuing equipment since 1985 and developed a database of “Fair Market Value” equipment values utilizing a variety of reports and publications along with the DMC and CEI Market Value Reports. This database has been successfully used in the valuation of computer equipment in the settlement of a number of Virginia tax cases. Mr. Daley has also previously testified in California, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and the Virginia Courts as an expert in the field of valuation of computer equipment.

Mr. Daley is the president of DMC Valuations Group and an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers for the discipline of Machinery and Equipment and have successfully participated in the Society’s mandatory re-accreditation program and formal re-accreditation is granted until April 16, 2019.

Mr. Daley is also on the Board of Directors for Commonwealth Capital Corporation located in Clearwater, FL. and Philadelphia, PA. Commonwealth is the largest private IT leasing company in the US concentrating on operating leases by utilizing income accounts from the sale of public securities. Commonwealth has developed strong and continuing relationships with vendors and resellers to generate their portfolio of operating leases over the last 32 years.

Peter W. Daley

Founder & CEO